Fluid Percussion Device    

Fluid Percussion Device with the PC-Based Pressure Measurement Unit


The Fluid percussion device is designed to generate controlled and measurable fluid percussion to small or medium sized animals such as mice, rats or pigs for neuroscientific research.

Fluid percussion brain injury as well as cortical impact injury in small animal such as the rat can produce graded levels of injury associated with predictable behavioral and physiological changes. Fluid percussion reproduces many features of mild to moderate human head injury including the biomechanical features, neurological and behavioral features, histopathological features and pathophysiological features.

Basic Fluid Percussion Device (Model FP301 Signal Conditioner*)

The basic system provides concussion pressure ranging from 0 to 100 psi (6.9 atm). Per user's request, 0 250 psi (17.3 atm) system can also be built. BNC connectors provide a trigger signal and the output of pressure waveform for display and measurement using an oscilloscope. *This model is no longer manufactured. To view the photo of the basic device, click here

Fluid Percussion Device with a PC-Based Pressure Measurement Unit (Upgrade kit Model FP302 Signal Conditioner)

AmScien Instruments has announced a new PC-based Automatic Pressure Measurement Unit (or upgrade kit) of the Fluid Percussion Device. In this system, the Signal Conditioner (Model FP 301) in the Basic system is replaced by a new Signal Conditioner (Model FP 302) having an interface connected to a PC with a serial or USB port.

In addition to all features in the basic system, the upgrade kit provides
(1) Pressure waveform display on PC screen;
(2) Automatic peak pressure measurement;
(3) Experimental events record Table; and
(4) Experimental report.

To View the advantages and more detailed features of the PC-Based Automatic Pressure Measurement Unit, (Click here)

An Accessory: Cell Trauma Device

A Cell Trauma Device used with Fluid Percussion Device is available for cell trauma study.

Two sizes of dishes, 35 x10 mm or 60 x 15 mm, can be placed inside the device and used for tissue culture. Desired pressure (controlled by the fluid percussion device) can be applied to the cells through the fluid percussion device and a thin diaphragm tightly covered on the dish.

Following photos show the Cell Trauma Device and its connection to the Fluid Percussion Device.


Upgrade Program

The company offers an upgrade program for Fluid Percussion System previously manufactured by our company or the compatible systems. We will replace the signal conditioner in your old system with the Automatic Pressure Measurement Unit (Model FP 302). Please contact the company for detailed information.

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